Jul 21, 2014

DenMother ~ Act Like You Do

The Everything Is Chemical release-  EICV7 - DenMother: DELICIOUS! These are my faves. Read more about them here.

DenMother ~ I Don’t Know If

Jul 21, 2014


Jul 21, 2014

/Yung Bae/Fly with me! ★

The music was created by Yung Bae, one of the best funky artists out there. The song is not available on his Soundcloud right now. The song he used is from Dommel and was sung by Horie Mitsuko, popular for her ‘candy-candy’ song. The video is from Kiki’s Delivery, adaptation of Eiko Kadono novel, I’d argue the best anime produced, one of the greatest and the most complex movies. Both the song and the video clips share common themes like flying and happiness, so it was obvious they must be put together

 * This vid! It was exactly my childhood dream, but the carpet version! 

Jul 21, 2014

Without You, I’m Hunting Them ~ A Full Moon On Leap Year


Video footage: “Identity” by Kalhil KJ Adames
Produced by Stella Davis

Jul 21, 2014
Seacrypt - Emerge

Seacrypt ~ Emerge


this song is happiness!

Jul 21, 2014

Mind Teardown ~ Blind Eyes See

Blind eyes really see

Jul 21, 2014
Jul 21, 2014

et aliae
MAGIC YUME Records所属。

- you wanna feel in peace? listen to this.

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